Studying During My Critical Care Fellowship

Compared to how I studied for anesthesiology, the topics I’ll cover in critical care will be far different and more in depth. Yes, both fields have overlap in terms of knowledge base (hemodynamic management, mechanical ventilation, pathophysiology, pharmacology, overall acute care topics) and procedural skills (airway management, line placement, etc); however, now I’ll be dealing with many of these patients post-operatively. This poses a new set of challenges compared to my usual intra-operative management as a resident.

I’ve decided to use Vincent’s Textbook of Critical Care as my primary textbook during this fellowship. I had access to the digital version as a resident, and saved each chapter as its own PDF on my iPad Pro. My goal is to go through each chapter using PDF Expert and scribble notes over the text.

Best of all, using the iPad to read seamlessly allows me to doodle diagrams on Good Notes to verify my understanding and share lessons with the Internet. You may have seen some of these already posted on my blog and Instagram. Get ready for more throughout the year! 🙂

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  1. Hi Rishi,
    Happy New Year to you.
    I am in my intern year as a prelim surg resident before I start anesthesia next year.
    Although I am going to read Marino’s ICU book as a primer for SICU rotation, for your fellowship/advanced reading is there a specific reason you chose Vincents critical care textbook over Parrillo’s critical care textbook? Thank you.


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