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Senior Presentation – Challenging Dogmas In Anesthesiology

Our anesthesia program’s senior residents are required to give a 30 minute presentation on a topic of their choice at our department’s weekly Grand Rounds. My presentation is in six weeks, and I’ve spent the last few weeks collecting articles pertaining to my topic – evidence based challenges to dogmas in anesthesiology.


Teaching anesthesiology is an extremely variable task. There are countless ways to perform any anesthetic, and everyone thinks his/her approach is the “correct one.” As trainees, this is good and bad as we’re exposed to many different styles. However, we’re inundated with anecdotal information… many times figments of anesthesia lore or a previous schools of thought.

I chose my topic because incorporating evidence to defend or refute our practices and knowledge base is becoming increasingly important in the world of translational medicine. Accepting dogma without questioning why or聽how confers a very complacent and lazy practice of medicine. During my anesthesiology training, I’ve been taught and read many “myths” which the evidence either does not support or rejects entirely. I’m hoping to聽shed light on some of these dogmas and think it will be relevant to trainees at all levels.

I’ll upload聽my presentation in early December for those who are curious. Till then, happy football Sunday! 馃檪


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