Upgrading GTX 660 Ti to 980 Ti

My NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 Ti has been running strong for five years, but I had an opportunity to upgrade at an incredible price point this morning… so I bit. 🙂

I didn’t opt for the newest generation Pascal architecture cards (GTX 10xx series) because they’re not compatible with the MacOS portion of my rig. Instead, I sought one of the most powerful graphics cards supported by both MacOS and Windows 10 – the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 Ti. I also wanted to get the “reference” version of the 980 Ti with the fan at one end since this would not directly rest on top of my power supply unit (see images below) like the 660 Ti’s fans did.

The Unigine Heaven benchmark showed my frames per second (FPS) increasing from 20-30 on the 660 Ti to the upper 70s on the 980 Ti. Pretty incredible! I intend to use this upgrade as a stepping stone to ultimately transition to dual 4K monitors once they become more affordable.

Here’s a brief comparison of some of the technical specifications between the two GPUs:

Specification GTX 660 Ti GTX 980 Ti
Memory 2,048 MB 6,144 MB
Pixel rate 25.62 gigapixels/s 96 gigapixels/s
Floating point performance 2,459.5 gigaflops 5,632 gigaflops
Render output processors 24 96
Clock speed 915 MHz 1,000 MHz
CUDA cores 1,344 2,816
Texture mapping units 112 176
Memory clock speed 1,502 MHz 1,753 MHz
Max power 150 watts 250 watts
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