EchoTools Is Live!

A few weeks ago, I decided to create an iPhone app that would empower me to learn another programming language (Swift) to unify my interests in echocardiography and medical education. EchoTools emerged from this idea, and yesterday, it was approved and listed by Apple on the App Store! I plan to use this app to teach my residents rotating in the cardiac ORs and ICUs the grading criteria and anatomic measurements necessary to assess TEE and TTE images we acquire together!

Anyone who writes Swift code knows that the world of attributed strings can be a headache. Writing a simple line of text can often times be a cumbersome task. Fortunately, I’m drawing on experience with Java and C to help understand variable structures, loops, more efficient algorithms for common tasks, etc. There’s so much more for me to include in the app as I learn more about Swift through trial-and-error and online resources – the way I learned all my IT-related interests.

Check out EchoTools on the App Store, and leave me feedback on the support page. 🙂

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