Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

In preparation for my furniture’s arrival from Boston tomorrow, I decided to continue my “smart apartment” set up by upgrading the stock Honeywell thermostat to an Ecobee3 Lite smart thermostat. I went with this particular model since it’s compatible with Apple’s Homekit and reasonably priced.

Fortunately my apartment has a “C” wire (which powers the thermostat), so installation was a matter of turning off the A/C unit in my circuit breaker, removing the Honeywell thermostat, labeling and loosening the wires from the original housing, pulling them through the Ecobee3 manifold, securing the backplate, reinstalling the wires, and firing back on the A/C in the circuit breaker.

Between installation and software configuration, everything took well under 15 minutes! I especially like how I can see a forecast right on the unit. 🙂

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