Finished With The Texas Initial Physician Licensure Application

I started the process of filing for my Texas initial physician license back on October 20, 2018. Today I finally completed this process by giving my fingerprints for screening purposes by the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Records and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Texas Medical Board application – $835.64
  • Federation Credentials Verification Service – $445
  • National Practitioner Data Bank – $4
  • Texas Medical Jurisprudence (JP) exam $58
  • IdentoGO fingerprints – $41.61
  • Texas Medical Board Physician Registration – $289.03
  • Texas Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) License – $731

In total, this application amounted to ~$2500! You can read about the cost breakdown associated with filing for my Massachusetts physician license and DEA too!

Glad to be finished with this process! Can’t wait till I’m actually holding the license! 🙂

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