Starry Internet To XFINITY DOCSIS 3.1!

As part of my transition from Boston to Houston, I had to change internet service providers (ISPs). Although I was very happy with the $50/month Internet service (200 Mbps download and upload speeds) provided by Starry Internet with no contracts, Houston does not currently have this ISP option. XFINITY has the largest foothold in this area, but in the last two years while I was in Boston, they rolled out DOCSIS 3.1 and up to 2000 Mbps download speeds to go with it! Naturally, I went ahead and purchased a DOCSIS 3.1 compatible modem (Motorola MB8600) with a tri-band ASUS RT-AC3200 router and subscribed to the 1000 Mbps plan.

Check out the huge difference in speed! 🙂

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