33rd Birthday

As a 32 year old, I matured into my role as a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and intensivist during my first year as an attending physician. Only 12 months later, With the surge in COVID-19 cases around Houston, I was called to attend in intensive care units around the city sooner than expected. Although it was over 18 months since finishing my critical care fellowship, I was excited to return to caring for critically ill patients in multidisciplinary teams.

I’m humbled to have received “Best CV Anesthesia Attending” in my first year as an attending. I’m thankful to work with such a cohesive and supportive perioperative team dedicated to improving patient care, pushing the boundaries, and yes, even making Rishi try to delve into the world of research (those who know me know that I’d much rather be doing education/lectures, lol).

As a 33 year old, I’m motivated to continue expanding my role as a clinician, educator, and research with multi-institutional collaboration, national/international speaking opportunities, and everything in between! 🙂

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