ICY DOCK EZConvert PRO SSD Mounting Tray For Drobo

Roughly a year ago, I upgraded my storage server to a Drobo 8D Thunderbolt direct-attached storage (DAS). Since then, I’ve had no issues with this DAS and have enjoyed the incredible read-write performance.

I initially configured the Drobo with two 2.5″ solid-state drives (SSDs) I had previously purchased; however, the hard drive bays were built with 3.5″ drives in mind. I manipulated the smaller drives into place using a flashlight and my fingertips but finally decided to use a more practical approach.

I purchased the ICY DOCK EZConvert Pro (Amazon affiliate link) full metal converters, loaded the SSDs into them, and popped them back into the Drobo. The entire process took me < 60 seconds after powering off the Drobo due to a tool-free installation. Check out the pictures below and drop me a comment with questions!

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