Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini Front LCD Modification

I recently added a front-facing LCD panel to Ghost – my gaming workstation.

The parts (Amazon affiliate links) needed for this modification are:

I’m using Lian Li’s UNI Fan SL120s in the O11 Dynamic Mini case. I have three fans linked together at the top (exhaust), three fans linked at the bottom (intake), two linked on the 240 mm side radiator (intake), and a single fan in the rear (exhaust). Moving these fans was essential to create the room to slide in the display panel.

I first shifted the rear fan as low as possible, then slid the top and bottom fan clusters as far back as possible. Ultimately I had to remove the radiator fans as well as the single UNI SL120 fans from the top and bottom sets that was closest to the front of the case. This allowed me to have room to slide in the panel (HDMI and USB C cables facing up). I routed the HDMI and USB C cables around the back and out of the case through the hard drive tray. This made closing the rear panel someone difficult. Furthermore, the Mini HDMI cable I bought just BARELY fit between the panel and the top of the case. Ideally, I would have purchased something that required less vertical clearance so it fit more flush with the panel.

As a finishing touch, I used some folded paper towels to prop the panel up just a bit and balance the screen. I then shifted the top and bottom clusters of fans all the way back to the front of the case to “lock” the panel in place.

I then installed AIDA64 and customized a sensor panel to my liking. Drop me a comment below with questions!

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  1. Hey, looks great! Did you do any modifications to the front glass (or remove it altogether) and that is why the touch screen is required or will any 14” monitor work?

    • Nope, no modifications. It’s a bit of a tight fit, and I had to put some spacers below the front panel to get it to line up nicely and level with the glass. I’ve only tested the specific Wimaxit display I linked in the post.

  2. Looks awesome, bookmarking for a couple years from now when I’m done with fellowship and building my attending gaming rig!


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