Lian Li UNI Fan Controller Not Working – ARGB Cable Kit Solution

Roughly half the time I spent building my new Windows 11 gaming battle station (“Ghost”) went toward troubleshooting the Lian Li UNI fan controller on my Gigabyte B550 Vision D-P motherboard. The system would not recognize it, and I couldn’t use L-connect (or version 2) to control the SL120 UNI fans.

I spent hours browsing forums and trying the following fixes:

  • Updated all components (software, BIOS, etc.)
  • Three different Lian Li UNI controllers
  • Two different USB 2.0 headers
  • A USB splitter
  • Uninstalling all generic USB hubs from device manager
  • L-connect and L-connect 2
  • Running all software packages as Administrator
  • Updating the controller firmware using Lian Li’s guidebook (could never get this to work)
  • And every possible combination of rebooting, reinstalling, unplugging, and replugging things imaginable.

I successfully used the 5-volt, 3-pin addressable RGB headers on my motherboard to control my Lian Li Galahad AIO cooler and Strimer cables. However, what I needed was a “splitter” to share this signal with the UNI fans. So I ordered the Lian Li ARGB device cable kit and went to work!

I have four fan locations (9 UNI SL120 fans in total).

  • On the Galahad AIO radiator (2 fans, air intake)
  • Case bottom (3 fans, air intake)
  • Case top (3 fans, air exhaust)
  • Case rear (1 fan, air exhaust)

Because of how the UNI fans can be linked, I essentially had four sets of PWM and RGB cables. Each PWM cable goes to its own motherboard header so that the BIOS can control fan speeds.

The four UNI fan RGB connectors went to the 3-pin LED extension cable (pictured). This cable, in turn, was connected to a Y-splitter (also included in the ARGB cable kit) to have a place to attach my Lian Li Galahad AIO RGB cable. Together, these five devices are connected to a 5-volt, 3-pin RGB addressable header on the motherboard. I was concerned about the power draw, but running everything white (which uses the most power) has not been an issue thus far! 🤞🏽

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