Characteristics To Achieve Success

A few weeks ago, I did a Q&A and was asked a myriad of questions regarding COVID-19, study tips, etc. However, one question, in particular, stood out to me:

“What do you think are some key characteristics to being a successful person in life?”

Don’t let the success of others demoralize your own endeavors. Be happy for them, ask for tips, and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Let the critics bark. These are the same individuals who don’t directly support you and live off your insecurities. Don’t – waste – any – time – on – them. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, ignore them, and pave your own path.

Struggle is mandatory. Quitting is optional. Have a healthy dose of optimism to get up and try again when faced with defeat… but also be a realist. No matter what “success stories” you hear, don’t be fooled into thinking they apply to everyone. Learn to adapt to hardship and pivot.

Don’t rely on luck.

Preparation is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety.

You are a product of the company you keep – surround yourself with motivated individuals.

Work ethic and humility above all else. The most inspirational people I know never TELL people they work hard – they just freaking do it because it’s ingrained in them.

There aren’t shortcuts to meaningful success – you have to put in the time.

You can’t know the good without seeing the bad. You can’t know success without experiencing defeat. Learn from every situation.

Life is short. Leave behind a legacy that positively affects others rather than wasting time on materialistic pursuits.

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