Thank A Resident Day!

The litmus test for my success has little to do with my achievements but rather those of the residents and fellows I have the privilege of training. They are why I went into academic medicine… why I wake up every day excited to teach them in the OR and ICU, provide them with constructive criticism, watch them grow as clinicians, and advance our careers together as physicians. These are the individuals that give my life a purpose beyond patient care.

Although we have advanced graduate medical education, many areas still need to be addressed: funding for more residency spots, improved pay, better hours, and boosting representation of various demographics across all specialties, to name a few. In addition, we need to continue calling out abuse to foster a safe, collaborative learning and patient care environment for the entire multidisciplinary team.

Today, on Thank A Resident Day, I want to thank all the house officers for continuing to inspire me with your commitment to education, unwavering devotion to patient care, and genuine curiosity about the imperfect science of medicine. Between the long hours, low pay, debt, countless clinical responsibilities, research, exams, and personal sacrifices, you’ve undoubtedly experienced feelings of regret and frustration. Despite this, you remain committed to this career of delayed gratification.

You are the future of medicine – your efforts are duly noted and appreciated!

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