The DualSense Edge™

I’ve been using the Sony DualSense controller over the years for various games on my PC, and more recently, PlayStation 5. Several of these controllers had to be replaced due to “stick drift.” Rather than continuing with this trend, I opted to give Sony’s new DualSense Edge™ controller a shot.

Although I’ve never had a “pro” level controller (and I seriously doubt it’ll improve how much I suck at video games like Rocket League), I was interested in the back paddles, remappable buttons, adjustable triggers, swappable stick caps, and most importantly, analogue control sticks that could be changed without buying a new controller. It gives me more options to tweak as I play different games, especially first-person shooters where faster response times can translate to victory.

I just finished God of War Ragnarök, and hope to try out the full feature set of the DualSense Edge in games like Elden Ring and Modern Warfare II.

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