Triple LG 27″ UltraFine 5K Monitors

When the iMac Pro was my productivity workhorse, I flanked the 5K, 27″ display with two 27″, vertically-oriented monitors. The iMac Pro’s monitor was a dream when it came down to watching videos, but the vertical monitors helped significantly with programming, surfing the web, writing blog posts, etc.

iMac Pro setup from 2020

After transitioning to the Mac Studio M1 Ultra, I replaced the triple monitor setup with a Samsung C49RG90 49″ 5K DQHD (5120 x 1440) 120Hz ultrawide monitor. Yes, it was aesthetically pleasing to have a single panel; however, the low resolution and limited vertical space became an impediment to multi-tasking. I also had issues with blooming and crackling in the monitor. I think I went with this option when I got the Mac Studio because I was captivated by the smoothness of the Samsung ultrawide (240 Hz refresh rate) I have with my gaming battle station. However, that’s for gaming. I needed something for productivity.

I decided to revert back to my old triple monitor setup, but this time, with LG UltraFine 5K monitors in the same fashion as before – two vertical monitors flanking a horizontal monitor. This took me from ~7.4 million pixels on the old ultrawide to 14.7 million pixels per monitor with the LG UltraFine 5K displays. That’s nearly 50 million pixels across three panels!

I mounted them on my old triple monitor mount with some carbon steel M4 x 10 mm thumb screws, and… wow. Despite being only 60 Hz, the significant increase in resolution more than makes up for it!

To drive all of these pixels, I’m using three Thunderbolt 4 ports on my Mac Studio.

Probably going to be the last major update to my productivity workstation for 2023, but hey, the year is young! 😅

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