Life as an anesthesiology resident physician training in the Texas Medical Center from 2013 to 2017

Mock Oral Boards

I'll be taking my actual applied exam (OSCE and oral boards) in the spring of 2018, but tomorrow, I'll be taking my first official...

Three Months Of Residency Left!

I'm writing this post on my last true "long call shift" of residency! 12 hours in, and its been a "thrown into the fire"...

Finished With Obstetric Anesthesiology As A CA-3

After completing my call shift this morning, I'm officially finished with obstetric anesthesiology as a resident. I might never do a lumbar labor epidural...

Day Before My Last In-Training Exam!

Tomorrow morning at 8 AM, I'll begin the last in-training exam (ITE) of my anesthesiology residency. My initial lack of motivation to study has...

Halfway Done With Neuroanesthesia As A CA-3

It's the middle of the month, the Texans got royally owned by the Patriots in the divisional playoff game last night, I submitted my...


I'm a cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellow and double board certified intensivist and anesthesiologist at Harvard looking to improve medical education, diagnostics, and patient safety while promoting team-based, patient-centered care.