PGY-3 (CA-2)

My third year of residency training

Passing Out Or Feeling Faint While Shadowing In Medicine

Earlier today, I received an inquiry from a pre-med student who experienced a very common event during the shadowing process: Hey Rishi! Hope you are...

ACLS/BLS Recertification 2016

Yesterday was a "research day" for the surgery department, so most of the elective surgeries didn't start till around 1:30 PM. In the meantime,...

What’s In My Work Bag 2016?

Here's a rundown of the essential belongings I either wear, have in my scrubs, or have in my (ancient) Targus messenger bag each work day. Seriously, I've had...

Finished With Month One Of Pediatric Anesthesia

I'm done with my first of three consecutive months of pediatric anesthesiology as a CA-2 resident. In four weeks, I've come to appreciate the...

San Francisco Match Dual Fellowship Out-Of-Match Process

Similar to the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) match process for residency, the San Francisco Match Program (SF Match) also has a match system...


I'm a cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellow and double board certified intensivist and anesthesiologist at Harvard looking to improve medical education, diagnostics, and patient safety while promoting team-based, patient-centered care.