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Last Med School Co-Chair Interview Session

There's something nostalgic about interviewing future medical students coming from undergraduate college programs, but even more amazing are the high-schoolers applying for Baylor Med's various post-bac programs. These students are the…

ERAS Application Submitted

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS ®) opened up the site for submission today at 8am CST. The coming months will hopefully bring many interview invites to all applicants. After all, this is a pretty important job…

Personal Statement Near Completion

I've been fidgeting with the content of my personal statement (PS) for anesthesiology since summer break, but I finally had a breakthrough. Overnight I saw my practice in the future - seeing patients and teaching residents/students - in a…

Hours of Volunteering and Research

I've received inquiries in the general format: "What are my chances of getting into Baylor Med with a ___ GPA, ___ MCAT, and ___ hours volunteering at a hospital/doing research?" A part of me cringes when I see the last statistic. :-P