Personal Statement Near Completion

I’ve been fidgeting with the content of my personal statement (PS) for anesthesiology since summer break, but I finally had a breakthrough. Overnight I saw my practice in the future – seeing patients and teaching residents/students – in a ridiculously vivid dream. It was the purest representation of why I want to pursue anesthesiology without any of the fluff, so naturally, I furiously wrote down the missing pieces to my PS before forgetting. 😀

My residency picture

Baylor Med’s first interview session for medical school applicants is this afternoon, so I’m spending the morning tying up any loose ends in our presentations. My journey through the admissions process at BCM has been incredibly eye-opening; there are so many applicants which make me question how I managed to get into medical school with my comparably meager application! Maybe no one has noticed? 😉 Nevertheless, we have a tremendous program which I’m sure the applicants will be thrilled to learn about and hopefully consider matriculating to.

In other news, I’m now done with CV anesthesia but have no idea where I’ll be for the next four weeks. I signed up for electives in pediatric anesthesia, OB/Gyn anesthesia, and general clinical anesthesia, but have yet to hear back if I got into any of them. Monday is fast approaching. 😯 If worst comes to worst, I’ll just take the next four weeks to take Step 2 CK and get that out of the way. All is not lost!

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    • Chiming in for the first time with an unbiased opinion — I agree and I am very proud of my son. Love his simple fiscal conservative but high thinking personality. LUB you Rishi.


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