Last Med School Co-Chair Interview Session

There’s something nostalgic about interviewing future medical students coming from undergraduate college programs, but even more amazing are the high-schoolers applying for Baylor Med’s various post-bac programs. These students are the crème de la crème in terms of SATs, extracurriculars, etc. How can a ~17 year old student plan the next eight years of (rigorous) education? Sure beats me, but talking to them over the last few weeks has been a refreshing glimpse of the optimism shared by today’s pre-meds (and a reminder how old I’ve gotten). 😛

Our Second Look event is in two weeks, and after that, I’m done with my time as a medical student admissions committee member. I’ve learned so much from our applicants, and hopefully inspired many of them to share a love for Baylor Med’s program and the Texas Medical Center. Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to interview prospective anesthesiology residents as a chief, but only time will tell if I’m that lucky. Till then, I’ll substitute my love of mentoring pre-meds with the pleasure of teaching clinical medical students as an intern/resident. The amount of shared knowledge and mentorship between all levels truly makes this profession wonderful. 🙂

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