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Critical Care Anesthesiology Match 2016

Although I accepted my fellowship offer out-of-match earlier this year, today was the official San Francisco Match Day for people still waiting for their critical care anesthesiology match results! It's official now! :-)

I Matched!

My first reaction to receiving the NRMP email was laughter. The email's subject was "Did I Match?" Then the first part of the content: "Congratulations! You have matched!" Next year they should just have "Yes" or "No" in the email body. :-D…

Halfway Done With Apex

A week of Apex courses has flown by, and its been great catching up with classmates (many of whom I've not seen since the basic sciences). I've learned many high yield pearls to utilize as an intern but still anticipate a rough transition…

One Month Till Match

In roughly one month, I'll figure out where I'll be spending the next four years of my life as a resident physician. My rank order list was submitted several weeks ago, and things will be "finalized" on February 20th, but until match, I'm…