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Another Dream Come True – Anesthesiology At Baylor Med

Four years after writing a post expressing my sentiments towards being accepted by my dream medical school, I’m writing a similar post about matching to my #1 choice for anesthesiology – Baylor College of Medicine. I’m staying in my hometown but will definitely be moving to the Texas Medical Center. I’ll soon embark on the joys of apartment/condo hunting.

All eight of us who applied to anesthesia successfully matched; in fact, four are staying at Baylor Med! Together, we’ll comprise the single-greatest lack of efficiency seen by a department since the days of hemlock and gypsy tears. I’m only kidding, of course. 馃榾 It’ll be nice to see familiar faces on the wards as we try to stay afloat with our new responsibilities.

Match Letter!

Time is a funny construct. My foosball parter will now train to be an orthopedic surgeon. My “high-five buddy” from orientation will be an emergency med doctor. Another classmate who held an obligatory seat alongside me in the back row of the lecture hall will soon be a dermatologist. I can’t believe these people who I got to know through service projects, parties, sporting events, etc. are all going to be physicians! I’m so incredibly proud of my classmates and how far we’ve come in four short years!

Pinning my first choice!

With every major milestone, it seems life gets harder. Four years ago, upperclassmen said “medical school will be the hardest thing you do.” Now people are saying that about residency. I got through med school. I will get through residency. And in four years, I’ll hopefully be writing about my next major milestone – fellowship training!


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  1. Congrats!

    I am a regular stalker. You are living the kind of training I dream of but can never have. Keep posting. Get to at least glimpse it through you.

  2. Congrats! Best of luck to you and your classmates and enjoy the rest of your time together


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