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Fluid Warmers

Hypothermia has a profound impact on the entire body - it compromises the immune system leading to a higher risk of post-operative wound infections,...

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

The peripheral nerve stimulator can deliver different types of stimuli to elicit an assessment of the depth of neuromuscular blockade. This is an important...

Bispectral Index (BIS) Monitor

The bispectral index (BIS) monitor is a noninvasive derivative of the electroencephalogram (EEG) used to assess the depth of anesthesia to help prevent intraoperative...

Pulse Contour Analysis

Described over a 100 years ago, pulse contour analysis was purported to be a surrogate for cardiac output. In this technique, the...

Instagram Live – Pressure Transducers And Arterial Line Waveforms

Pressure transducers are a cornerstone for measuring arterial, central venous, pulmonary artery, and even intracranial pressures. These transducers operate through a Wheatstone bridge, a circuit with...


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