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Last Week On The Chronic Pain Service

Although this chronic pain management rotation has been very relaxed, the month overall has been very hectic with my fellowship interviews. Many days I’ve had to catch flights immediately after work or, even better, come to work after returning to Houston well after midnight (…delayed flights… 馃槨 ). I’m just …

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Busy Day On Acute Pain

What a crazy day – the first epidural I’ve ever had to abandon, a myriad of acute pain consults,聽continuous block of the brachial plexus at the axilla, rectus sheath block x 6, post-op TAP block… and more Tegaderms than I want to remember right now. The culture here is all …

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Palliative Care Experience

Last Thursday, a good classmate and I had the privilege of visiting a patient with metastatic cancer for our mandatory “palliative care experience.” Under the guidance of an attending physician, we explored how the patient coped with her diagnosis and subsequent therapies and probed her plans for the future.

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Swearing Relieves Pain

Many of us are accustomed to following up a jammed toe, a burned finger, or heck, even a paper cut with a four letter expletive. Ever wonder why? Because it helps relieve pain! According to British researchers, this might be the result of an evolutionary “reflex.”

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