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Pre-Op Screen: Ventilation Modes Change Cardiac Output

Take a deep breath. Your diaphragm is contracting downward increasing your intrathoracic volume with a resulting decrease in pressure according to Boyle’s Law. This new pressure is less than that of atmospheric pressure (“negative intrathoracic pressure”), so a gradient is created driving air into your lungs.

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Treating Emphysema with Gene Therapy

Cystic fibrosis and α1-antitrypsin deficiency are the two most common inherited lung diseases, and both of them happen to be caused by a known, single gene mutation. A study conducted at Boston University’s School of Medicine and recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation describes a protocol in which gene therapy …

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Lung Dissection

Today, we explored the incredibly unique structure of the lungs. Most of the tissues we’ve dealt with so far have been rather dense and/or fibrous, but the lungs presented us with far more spongy and pliable dissection. Since the rib cage had already been removed for the heart dissection, the lungs …

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