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PaCO2 Equation

I've previously written about the alveolar gas equation and oxygen delivery equation, both of which deal with the physiologic process of oxygenation. Now I want to discuss the important relationship between alveolar ventilation (VA), carbon…

Alveolar Gas Equation

I previously wrote about the oxygen delivery equation mathematically describing a vital concept in physiology. Now I want to discuss another critically important formula in acute care medicine - the alveolar gas equation.

Oxygen Delivery Equation

One of the most important equations in physiology describes the delivery of oxygen to tissues in the body. Naturally, this would be related to the cardiac output (CO) and overall oxygen content in the blood (CaO2). As I wrote about in a…

Ventilation Modes Change Cardiac Output

Take a deep breath. Your diaphragm is contracting downward increasing your intrathoracic volume with a resulting decrease in pressure according to Boyle's Law. This new pressure is less than that of atmospheric pressure ("negative…