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Hyperventilation And The Bohr Effect

Often times we hyperventilate patients in the operating room with the justification that a low PaCO2 will suppress a patient’s desire to take spontaneous breaths during surgery (ie, less of a chance the patient will “move”). While there is some merit behind this (the hypercarbic drive), I assure you that volatile …

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Ventilation and Intubation

One of the most essential skills of airway management is the ability to bag ventilate a patient. This can be a reassuring sign in the event of an otherwise difficult airway and is something to fall back on if intubation is unsuccessful. That being said, most people don’t want to …

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Peak Pressures vs Plateau Pressures

Mechanical ventilation is routinely utilized in critical care, so understanding the various modes, weaning parameters, and troubleshooting common problems is essential to any medical ICU rotation. An important concept is interpreting peak (inspiratory) pressures versus plateau pressures.

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