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So far in the medical school application season, I’ve received interviews for two of the five schools I applied to. I’ll be interviewing at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston and University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio (UTSA) on August 8th and 11th, respectively.

With just under two weeks till my first interview, I find myself doing nothing to improve my interview responses. My days consist of watching movies, studying Spanish, studying for the medical board exams, playing Broodwar, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Super Mario Brothers (old school Yoshi style) and sitting around contemplating life. How do I get away with this? Heh, I convince myself that it’s too hot outside to do anything else.

Behind this relatively laid-back daily routine, I genuinely am looking forward to these interviews. I plan to study each school’s website and corresponding brochures in the next few days, so I’ll have some relevant questions to ask. Though I’m pretty well versed on the current advances in healthcare, the politics behind it are far less interesting to me; however, I suppose I’ll have to catch up on the recent issues “just in case” I’m asked about my stance. Overall, I’m not very nervous at all. It’s actually going to be enjoyable to finally explain to an individual why I want to dedicate the rest of my life to medicine. Hopefully, the admissions committees will be impressed enough to grant me admission to their respective medical schools.

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  1. Hey Rishi! Congrats on ALL your interviews, and I truly pray you get into BCM. I must ask though, which school was the fifth?

  2. Congrats on the interviews. It was about this time last year I was recieving interview offers for dental school. I’m glad I’m done with that! Good luck on them.


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