Connections In Higher Places

When students are applying to graduate school, is it fair for some of them to already have connections to schools through family members, friends, etc. when the other applicants have to start from square one?

Applicants routinely use that excuse to explain another individual’s success:

Oh, he already knew one of the adcom members at that school. That’s why he got an interview and will probably get in.

That’s not fair that she gets an internship at her dad’s consulting company when the rest of us can’t find anyone willing to give internships in this economy!

I don’t think any of my friends had “connections”, per se, and they like me still got into medical school. Now am I holding connections to people in higher places as a bad thing – of course not! If you have them, use them! You’d be a fool not to. By the same token, if you constantly find yourself tagging the success of others on the people they know, then you’re too insecure about your own chances of getting in. There are countless routes for getting into graduate school, so focus on using your own strengths to maximize the probability rather than worrying about why others succeed.

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  1. i do agree, but it made me mad because I seen people with FREAKING low GPA get into high job position than people with good GPA. Yes I am one of those people who have to start from square one, but then i will have something to brag about and it is that I go where I am base on my merits and that because I know the right people. 🙂

    Peace out 🙂

    • I don’t think it’s a matter of having bragging rights. To do something purely by oneself should be taken for what it is – an indication of a person’s individual ability to be successful. Imparting this success on others for the sake of bragging will only taint the achievement… and make you out to be an arrogant jerk. 😀

  2. Um…my view on this is indifferent I suppose because

    1.) An individual should be evaluated off of their stats, experience etc., not because of connections


    2.)If an adcom knows an individual they are able to asses them outside the usual 15-30 min.

    I guess we just have to have faith that the adcoms know what they are doing, and regardless if someone is in their fam., etc…they make their decision off of the persons qualifications..sooo…


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