First Day of Gynecological Oncology

On account of today being the earliest I’ve woken up since starting my rotations in January, I’ll write this post in segments throughout the day.

3:15am – I’m preparing for my first day on gynecological oncology (“gyn-onc”) by reading the last couple pages of Boards & Wards for gynecology. While I feel like I’m beginning to reach a mastery of this material, a part of me still worries about the shelf exam in three weeks. That, plus the fact that this week will be the toughest of the rotation in terms of hours, doesn’t make me feel very good. I’m excited to be back in the operating room, but I’m hoping I can adjust to this new schedule adequately as they will be commonplace during my surgery rotation beginning next month.

9:54am – Finished rounding this morning. I’m status-post a McDonald’s coffee and finishing my first run through my UWise notes. I’m going to scrub in on a cervical cancer staging procedure later this afternoon with a colleague.

10:53am – Still waiting to scrub in. Went to go see the beautiful babies in the nursery! Yes, they’re all still there. 😉

12:10pm – Beginning the cytoscopy and proctoscopy procedure. Hope the findings are in the patient’s favor!

1:50pm – The resident just dismissed us. Wow, this is early. Might have some time to squeeze in recreation today. 🙂

2:30pm – On the drive home, my chariot eclipsed the 100,000 mile mark. So proud!

100,000 Miles!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a much longer day. We have rounding in the morning, a tumor board session where all the cancer cases are discussed, floorwork, and then an afternoon full of clinic. Fortunately the residents are awesome!

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