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Halfway Done With Internal Medicine

Six weeks of internal medicine done. Six weeks left. *Sighs* It seems that each step in my training to become a physician passes at a progressively faster rate. What’s worrisome is that the shelf exam is in six weeks, and I’m not even halfway through my main prep book. It’s gonna be a long (but hopefully productive) weekend. 馃榾

One of the bittersweet things about St. Luke’s is that the attending on my GI consult service changes every week. I’ve been fortunate to have two incredible attendings so far and have learned quite a bit regarding diseases of the GI tract and what it means to be on a consult service as opposed to being part of the primary care team. My upper-level and intern teammates have also been very generous in allowing me to make mistakes, ask questions, and discuss various philosophies in general medicine. I just hope I’ve been able to prove my competence and won’t be evaluated solely as “that guy with the girly handwriting.”

Houston’s weather has been in flux over the last week. From ice, to rain, to sunshine, and back to bitter cold… I’m convinced our city is amidst a pasteurization process.

Icy roads in Houston, 2/4/2011
Cold morning commute, 2/4/2011

I’m a huge proponent of the cold weather, but I just wish Houston’s weather would make up its mind and stick with the season for once!

This week has also been interesting for the NBA with Ray Allen surpassing Reggie Miller’s record for the most 3 pointers made in history as well as Jerry Sloan’s resignation from the Utah Jazz’s head coach position after 22 years. I’m also in Playoff contention with my fantasy team, Mount Mutombo, so things are looking good. 馃檪

Anyways, it’s time to keep trudging through this book. Good night!


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