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Halfway Done With Neuroanesthesia As A CA-3

It’s the middle of the month, the Texans got royally owned by the Patriots in the divisional playoff game last night, I submitted my hospital credentialing for fellowship this morning, and I’m so far behind with ITE studying… but I’m still going to reflect on my neuroanesthesia rotation has been thus far. …

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Halfway Done With Regional Anesthesia

I’m a little over halfway done with my regional anesthesia rotation and have accrued more neuraxial and peripheral nerve blocks than I could have ever imagined. There’s something incredibly gratifying about doing blocks one day, and seeing the pain relief it provides that evening… the next day… and the day …

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Finished With Pulmonary Critical Care (And Half Of Intern Year!)

This was easily my most emotionally challenging month of intern year to date. I watched patients receive life-saving organ transplants. I pronounced patients dead (and when I finally regained myself, I had to do it again… and again). I did bronchoscopies and arterial/central line placements. I worked with well-reputed physicians, …

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Critical Care – A Time To Give, A Time To Take

One of the mantras my attending emphasizes with regards to critical care deals with the timing of our interventions. In critical care, there’s “a time to give and a time to take.” So what does this mean? Well let’s address a common scenario: 

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