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Admission Day Blues

Tomorrow is our team’s second major admission day; we’ll receive eight patients plus a possible ICU transfer. While having new patients on the service is great, these tend to be our longest days… and the Texans are playing their second playoff game tomorrow. Last week’s admission day was Saturday… when …

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First Week of Medicine Sub-I

I almost forgot how rigorous hospital medicine can be, but being back on the wards has been a much-needed reminder why I went into this profession. It’s also fun watching the MS2s (who just started clinical rotations a week ago!) present patients on rounds; it feels like yesterday when I …

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Day 1 Of Medicine Sub-I

What a return to the clinical scene! Although my upper-level resident is switching, I’ve gotten to know the two MS2s and two interns I’ll be working with for the next four weeks. I couldn’t be happier with this group!

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Night Before Medicine Sub-Internship

All fourth year medical students are required to complete a one month sub-internship (sub-I) in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, or family medicine. Compared to core rotation students who focus more on interviewing patients, doing physical exams, and synthesizing assessments/plans, sub-I students perform the aforementioned in addition to other aspects of …

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Finished With Internal Medicine

The VA hospital was an amazing way to end my internal medicine experience, mainly because of how extraordinary my team and attending were! As a parting gift, the VA graciously bestowed me with a nasty case of the common cold right before my shelf exam. I struggled to study on …

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