Thoughts About 2011 NBA Playoffs

If you’re even remotely interested in the NBA, you’re aware of the unusual outcomes of this playoff season has presented. First, its been close to 30 years since the #1 and #2 seed lost their playoff openers at home. Come to find out, both these teams (the Spurs and Lakers) were ultimately knocked out of the playoffs entirely. 😯

Then you have the Boston Celtics with their rich heritage and prowess on the court – they too were knocked out tonight by a Miami Heat team on the rise. Seriously, what’s going on?! My only hope is that either the Mavericks or Bulls can knock out Miami at some point during this postseason. I don’t want that cocky little child, the self-proclaimed “King James”, to ever win a title in spite of his undeniable finesse.

So here are my rant(s) regarding the postseason:

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. 😀

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