Stephen Curry’s Greatness

Stephen Curry is changing the game of basketball. Its been a long time since a 6’3″, slender point-guard had such a complete game and literally instilled FEAR in his opponents. I mean seriously… he was last year’s regular season MVP and is arguably one of the most improved players this year. Think about that!

He’s not just a spot up shooter. He can dance on his defenders. Create his own shot. Drive down the lane. Play the passing lanes. Step back. Inside. Outside. Beyond half court, he’s a lethal marksman. In my mind, the Warriors have become the most entertaining team to watch in the NBA… just because of the Steph Curry show. It’s like a video game!

I can’t wait to see what this young player does in the years to come! Hopefully his greatness doesn’t get to his head. 🙂

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