Finished With Pediatric Gastroenterology

One week just wasn’t enough time in pedi GI, but I definitely learned a lot! The team dynamic was incredibly conducive towards teaching, and although rounding was a little longer, discussing each patient in depth made it worth the time.

I encountered cases of inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, infections, a rare autoimmune disorder, and saw several upper and lower endoscopies. Spending time between the floor, the endoscopy suite, noon conferences, and reviewing slides with pathologists certainly made the week fly by. The fellow really empowered me to explore as many aspects of pedi GI as I could in the short week, so I tried to make the most of it.

Yesterday was Baylor Med’s 2012 second-look. I had the privilege of meeting many students accepted to the medical school… a few of whom are still weighing the options prior to finally deciding where to matriculate this fall. Hopefully my colleagues and I convinced them to come to BCM. 🙂

For the next week, I’ll be working in the pedi emergency center – should be seeing a lot more “bread-and-butter” cases, but hopefully I’ll run into some of the zebras from time to time. I’ve already learned one thing in this rotation – I love pedi patients… but just hate seeing them so ill. 🙁

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    • Basically that you can’t go wrong with either one academically, so it’s important to consider other factors (the city, recreational activities, etc.) Both are fantastic institutions, but I’m obviously biased towards BCM. 😉


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