Finished With Heme/Onc!

I have one more day call tomorrow, and I’ll be done with my elective on the hematology/oncology service. Its been a great month working with my colleagues on other consult services to coordinate patient care. The topic of Obamacare has become a fervent interest for many over the last few days, but it only takes the next patient encounter to remind me why I’m in this profession to begin with. :-)Next up is a month of medicine wards at the county hospital. As a medical student, this was my absolute favorite place to train, but it’s filled with incredible challenges in terms of complex diagnostics, limited resources, social dilemmas, and language barriers. On the bright side, I’m looking forward to working with an awesome upper-level and two great medical students!

Last call on heme-onc

Oh yeah, and based strictly on calendar dates, I’m now 25% done with my intern year. 😀

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