Finished With Cardiology

It’s a cold Wednesday night, and I’m sipping on some hot chocolate while watching the Rockets’ basketball game. The last month was a joy – having the opportunity to work with a co-anesthesia-intern to work up a slew of consults like supraventricular tachycardia, hypertensive urgency, sick-sinus syndrome, and the bread-and-butter “chest pain” was a lot of fun. I feel like every time I learn about EKGs from experienced cardiologists, I gain one additional tidbit. Seriously, I don’t think they even see the squiggly lines on paper – they just see the heart as it is. I hope I can be *that* good someday.

The Atrium of Texas Heart Institute – one of my favorite places to relax in the Texas Medical Center

Now I’m on vacation for Thanksgiving. Up next is the pulmonary ICU, a rotation where I’ll likely have the opportunity to do lots of procedures ranging from paracenteses, central lines, and maybe even bronchoscopies. 🙂

…and intern year marches on…


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