First Week of Pulm Critical Care

What a crazy first week! I felt like I was constantly writing notes, seeing a new consult, in conference, or walking between places in the hospital. I tried picking up tidbits of critical care knowledge along the way, but most of the time I’m a note writing machine. I’m super lucky to work with an incredibly awesome resident who covered the weekend while I was on my intern night calls – just based on her workload in my absence, I’m not looking forward to the days where I’m covering all the patients. It’s… a lot. 😯

I’ve also found that with harder rotations, I tend to become more regimented because of a lack of time for extracurriculars. By the time I get home, I try to read or exercise a little, make dinner, and head straight to bed. My desperate attempts to watch Thursday Night Football or a Rockets game on TV were quickly met with nodding-off and falling asleep on the couch. Oh well, I’m post-call today… and Monday Night Football is mine! 😀

We have new attending physicians every Monday, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll learn this week! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get some procedures in too.

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