Gold Humanism Honor Society Induction

This afternoon was Baylor Med’s seventh Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) induction ceremony for medical students. We also inducted residents/fellows for the first time (a pilot program at a handful of other med schools around the country)!

While listening to the opening speeches, I reflected on my own activities over the last few years. Even though the bulk of my extracurriculars centered on mentoring pre-med students as well as exposing elementary/middle school students to the joys of utilizing computer technology, I enjoyed my moments with patients the most. What I found was that whenever we step out of the role as a healthcare provider and just listen to patients… almost like family members or friends… that’s when we display our most humanistic traits. It’s what drives us to stay extra late to tuck them in at night. It’s what helps us remain calm as we explain how to administer insulin for the 800th time. It’s what makes us empathize with the disabled patient who is an hour late to his clinic appointment.

After receiving our lapel pins, all the new inductees recited the following GHHS member pledge:

As a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, I pledge to:

  1. Be a role model and mentor for humanism in medicine.
  2. Champion the proper balance between scientific and humanistic patient care.
  3. Inspire colleagues to promote humanism throughout the healthcare system.
  4. Advocate humanistic patient care locally, regionally, and nationally.
  5. Nurture fellowship in membership.
  6. Help those struggling to overcome the barriers to humanism in medicine.
  7. Be a force for improving healthcare for everyone.

A part of me wishes this award didn’t exist as it fails to recognize the incredible achievements of my other classmates. I am nevertheless humbled to represent their virtues as well as my own. 🙂

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