I’m A Doctor!

In preparation for residency, I went to get my varicella titers drawn yesterday afternoon at the occupational health office. After finishing, the phlebotomist bid farewell with: “Have a great weekend, Doctor Kumar!”

Whoa! “Doctor?” 😯

After graduating this past Tuesday (5/21/2013), I’m officially an MD! It honestly doesn’t feel right for me… a rookie, a newbie, the very reason you should NOT be going to the hospitals in July… to have earned the same title held by many of my mentors. But in reflection, the many years of arduous preparation have trained me to face the upcoming challenges in patient care. While the learning curve will initially be steep… I am ready.

I’m incredibly thankful to those who helped me get here, but most indebted to the patient encounters I had during my clinical training in medical school. I’m perhaps most thankful to the gravely ill patients who reminded me about the mortality we all share as human beings.

Doctor of Medicine diploma

I’m now settling down at my new apartment in the Museum District. Here are a bunch of pictures which summarize my journey through med school! 🙂

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  1. Congratulations Dr. Kumar! It was great running into you a few days ago. Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

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