USMLE Epidemiology and Biostatistics Notes

Epidemiology is a cornerstone for the practice of evidence-based medicine, but for the sake of medical licensing exams, only the very basics are “high yield knowledge.” Rather than having to sift through PowerPoint slides or a textbook, I compiled a one page handout of must-know-facts for the boards while preparing for USMLE Step 3 (though it still applies to Steps 1 and 2). Hopefully this helps people looking for a quick summary of basic biostatistics. 🙂

 Download Biostats Notes

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  1. DocMom says

    Can you repost the sheet?

    1. DocMom says

      Never mind it worked! Thanks!!

      1. Rishi says

        Hope the notes help! 🙂

  2. Bob says

    thanks! really great quick review for biostats for step exam!

    1. Rishi says

      You’re very welcome Bob! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. Chris says

    This review sheet is seriously awesome! Taking Step 3 tomorrow, great quick review of basics stats. Thanks!

    1. Rishi says

      Thanks for the comment, Chris! Best of luck! 🙂

  4. Anand says

    Solid review! Wish me luck on step 3 tomorrow

    1. Rishi says

      You’re very welcome, Anand! Best of luck!

  5. Sunny says

    Nice ….thanks

  6. Lucy says

    Great review of basic stats! Thanks!

    1. Rishi says

      Thanks! It might come in handy when you start prepping for Step 1. =D