Fellowship Applications Begin – Critical Care Anesthesiology

The San Francisco Match (SF Match) opened up for critical care anesthesiology earlier this week ($50 fee), so I’ve scrambled nonstop to finish my applications ASAP. Compared to the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) and Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), fellowship applications are much less centralized.

The rank list and match are conducted via the SF Match website, but the actual correspondence is emailed directly to the fellowship directors or coordinators at each program. Pretty cool. 😎

Here’s a list of the critical care anesthesiology programs I’m applying to so far:

University of California San Diego
Stanford University
University of California San Francisco
Massachusetts General Hospital
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Johns Hopkins University
Duke University Hospital Program
Columbia University ACCM Fellowship
University of Pennsylvania
Vanderbilt University
University of Texas at Houston
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

Now what exactly do these programs need for fellowship consideration?

  • Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists (SOCCA) common application
  • Passport sized photo
  • Personal statement
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Medical student performance evaluation (MSPE)
  • Medical school transcript
  • Copy of USMLE and in-training exam scores
  • Curriculum vitae

For prospective fellowship applicants, I can’t stress enough how important it is to apply early and get your relevant information from your medical school. This can often be a cumbersome process which limits how quickly your application is completed. Fortunately, most of this preliminary work will help facilitate things when I apply for my second fellowship in adult cardiothoracic anesthesiology next fall.

My USMLE transcript should be arriving in the next day or two, but after that, I’ll be ready to finish my applications! Here’s hoping I land some interviews! 🙂

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    • Between medical school and residency, I’ve been in the Texas Medical Center for 8 years. Wanted to see how medicine is practiced elsewhere and hopefully add to my skill set. 🙂

      • Oh yeah of course. Understood. I’m actually going to Baylor next year and looking to do CCM. I was hoping not to move around so much so wanted to see your thoughts on CCM at THI


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