What’s On My Desk – October 2015

Happy Halloween! On this rainy Houston afternoon filled with flooding all over the city, I finally had a day off and decided to organize my desk. I used the grommets on my monitor mount to facilitate some (horribly ugly) form of cable management, but it’s definitely not a priority for me. Just wanted to share what kind of tech drives my life on a daily basis. 🙂

Here’s the hardware (from back to front, right to left)

  • Monitors: twin LG 27″ E2742V LED monitors on a VIVO dual LCD monitor desk mount driven by Tassadar.
  • Macbook Air 11″
  • NVIDIA Shield Tablet and NVIDIA Shield WiFi Direct Controller
  • Motorola 360 smartwatch
  • 1 GB Western Digital My Passport external USB 3.0 drive
  • Playstation 3 bluetooth controller
  • Logitech MX518 gaming mouse
  • Apple Keyboard
  • Nexus 6 smartphone
  • Plantronics multimedia stereo headset

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! 🙂

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