Rockets-Clippers Game 6

It’s 12:45 AM, but I wanted to write this post so in the future, I can look back and know that today was one of the best comeback games I’ve ever seen the Houston Rockets play in the post season. 

Facing elimination in the second round of the 2014-2015 Playoffs… playing in Los Angeles… after being down 3-1 earlier in the series… and Houston closes the game on a 49-18 AMAZING run to stun Staples Center and emerge victorious (119-107). I couldn’t be more proud of the resilience and sheer HEART shown by so many of our team’s supporting cast with James Harden, the MVP runner-up, on the bench for nearly the entire 4th quarter.

Whether or not we win game 7 at home on Sunday, games like this remind me why we’re called CLUTCH CITY! 🙂

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