29th Birthday

Last year, I wrote about spending my 28th birthday on call at Ben Taub Hospital and looking forward to the fellowship interview/match process. Fast forward a year later, and I’m going to be on call for my 29th birthday as well. Woo! 😀

28 was a great age for me. I was selected as a chief resident, interviewed at a bunch of great fellowship programs for cardiothoracic anesthesia and critical care, and ultimately accepted an offer from Harvard. More importantly, I’ve advanced as a clinician with the additional autonomy my attendings have given me. Can’t thank my family, friends, and teachers enough for the support and words of encouragement during momentary set backs.

Next year, I’m turning… uh… 30! My goodness where have the years gone!? I’ll be moving out of Houston for the first time in my life to begin training in Boston. I’m already anticipating a certain level of stress in dealing with new teaching hospitals, new people, and a new city! 😯

Here’s hoping for a great last year to my 20s… starting with a good call shift tonight! 🙂

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