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First Week Of Pediatric Anesthesia – CA-2 ITE Results

I’m finished with my third call shift in my first six days of pediatric anesthesia. Varying levels of fatigue have definitely set in, but this falls short of the profound impact the critically ill pediatric population has had on me.聽Although I will be pursuing a critical care fellowship, taking care of adults is very different than children. Adults have had the experience of life and its precious moments. These pediatric patients聽(many of whom are only days old) have not even had a chance! They fall down the abyss of their disease process and many times succumb to it. It’s the heartbreaking reality of working in a pediatric hospital. 馃檨聽

From an anesthesia standpoint, I’ve definitely been getting better at performing inhalational inductions of general anesthesia, pediatric intubations, line placements, fluid plans, and pain management regimens. I’m still trying to remember all the “mcg/kg” or “mg/kg” dosages of our intravenous medications, but there are plenty of manuals to help!

In other news, I received my CA-2 ITE score report on Monday and improved my percentile to the high 90s. Since these scores don’t automatically get released to fellowship programs, I immediately updated all the coordinators… especially since this score is a little better than my CA-1 ITE score. Who knows if it’ll actually make a difference in the match outcome? It’s worth a shot!

Also, stay tuned for one more piece of exciting news in the coming days!


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