Google Pixel C Keyboard Typing Speed

Just got my Pixel C’s keyboard in this morning and, naturally, the first thing I did after updating its firmware was a typing test. Keep in mind that I literally spent no more than 60 seconds on the new firmware before proceeding with the following test on

Pixel C typing test

On a conventional, desktop QWERTY keyboard, I usually type 120 – 140 words per minute (wpm) with at least 98% accuracy. In comparison, I’m already typing 115 wpm with 100% accuracy (likely to change) on the Pixel C keyboard. Obviously the key layout will take some getting used to, but I’m very satisfied thus far!

The keyboard’s build quality is excellent, the magnetic attachment is very secure, and inductive charging is a nifty feature! I’m loving this tablet so much more with a physical keyboard – in fact, this whole post was written on the Pixel C. 🙂

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  1. Hi Rishi, I was wondering how do you like your pixel c. i was looking for a tablet so that i could use to get reading done in between cases. i’m an anesthesia ca-1 =] I ended up going with the nvidia shield, partly because of costs. I enjoy your blog. Thanks, Sarah

    • I absolutely LOVE the Pixel C! Having used a Shield Tablet before, it was a significant (albeit expensive) upgrade for the hardware. If you’re just using it for reading between cases, the Shield will be more than enough. I’m just a Google fanboy. 🙂

      Congrats on starting your CA-1 year! Hope everything has been going well, and thank you for your readership!


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