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I had the Google Pixel XL 2 for a few weeks but chose to give that to my brother in lieu of purchasing the Google Pixel 2, an upgrade from the original Pixel. The best part about Google’s flagship phones is that they maintain the high-end specs even for the smaller form factor (unlike Apple). Having come from a regular Pixel last year, the Pixel 2 just seems snappier and has the features that I actually want in a phone.

First of all, front-facing speakers are an absolute must for me. After leaving the Nexus 6P, I was somewhat disappointed with last year’s Pixel due to a single, bottom-firing speaker. Although I used my Bose QC35 headphones most of the time, it’s still nice to play games and consume media without wearing the big ear cans. Dual stereo front facing speakers may this enjoyable!

Next, the size-squeeze feature (“Active Edge”) to activate the Google Assistant seemed a little gimmicky at first, but I’ve been using it often. Instead of saying “Okay Google” (which still sounds a little weird), I can squeeze the sides of the phone and immediately inquire about the weather, upcoming events on my calendar, placing a phone call, etc.

The camera is probably the most important aspect of this phone. Besides having unlimited storage on Google Photos, Google Lens technology, and now Google’s AR stickers… as of this writing, the Pixel 2’s camera is ranked the highest on DxOMark’s mobile rankings with a score of 98. The Apple iPhone X is 97, iPhone 8 Plus is 94, Note 8 is 94, and original Pixel is 90 for comparison. It even comes with “portrait mode” for both the front and rear facing cameras using split pixel technology where a difference in distance between adjacent pixels and machine learning help construct the portrait effect. Amazing!

Throw in a few more specs and better design, in my opinion, and the Pixel 2 is a wonderful device that rivals anything the competition can throw at it! 🙂

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