Staycation 2016, Pokémon Go, and TrueLearn Anesthesia

I just got back from running around Hermann Park and witnessed the “phenomenon” that Pokémon Go has become. I easily passed a hundred park-goers glued to their smartphones surrounding landmarks in large groups. I’ll admit that back in middle school, I collected and traded Pokémon cards because, well, it was “the thing to do.” Fast forward 15+ years, and people of all ages (especially my age, it seems) have become absurdly obsessed with this game. Hmmm, at least it gives people a reason to get out, exercise, and be happy… so I’m all for that. 🙂

As of my post-call day yesterday, I began a 10 day staycation and purchased the TrueLearn Anesthesia question bank to complete before the break is over. Looking back at a similar stretch of time I had off last year, it’s funny (read: lame) that I also spent my time studying. Honestly, it just makes me happy to stay productive with my career and hobbies. 😀

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  1. As i read somewhere, pokemon go is the fulfillment of many adults’ childhood dream to become pokemon trainers. Used to love the game back in my teens but seriously… I can’t imagine myself playing that game at this age


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