ProtekDuo® Veno-Venous Cannula

The ProtekDuo veno-venous (V-V) dual lumen cannula provides extracorporeal mechanical circulatory support (MCS) with or without an oxygenator. When combined with a TandemHeart® pump, it can deliver ~4.5 liters/minute of flow by draining blood from the right atrium and returning it to the pulmonary artery (PA). This allows right side of the heart to rest while forward flow is maintained.

The 29 or 31 French ProtekDuo cannula is percutaneously inserted into the right internal jugular (IJ) vein using the Seldinger technique. First, a special PA catheter is floated into the PA. A guidewire is then inserted through the catheter, positioned in the PA, and then the PA catheter is removed. The patient is systemically anticoagulated while serial dilations of the IJ are performed. The ProtekDuo cannula is then placed over the guidewire with placement confirmed by fluoroscopy +/- echocardiography.

The best part of this configuration (cannula in the neck, portable pump) is that the patient can ambulate and carry their pump around! As always, drop me a comment with questions below! 🙂

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  1. Why does the upper part have a V shaped bifurcation ? I mean…please explain the pattern of circulation of blood through it

    • Just depends on the environment and how you’ll confirm placement. Typically in the OR, it’ll be between the cardiac anesthesiologists and surgeons (confirm with echo/fluoro). In the cath lab, probably the cardiologists.


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